Artwriter was happy to write a catalogue essay for a recent exhibition of Outsider Art at the Callan Park Gallery in the grounds of the Sydney College of the Arts. SCA, of course, is part of Sydney University and its Dean is Colin Rhodes, a specialist in the field of Outsider Art and the author of a book on the subject.

The SCA and the Callan Park Gallery are both located in the open parkland of Callan Park, Rozelle, where people walk their dogs and take advantage of one of Sydney’s loveliest open spaces.

The exhibition for which I wrote the catalogue essay was Studio ARTISTS Untitled, and featured the work of five artists from a new collective known as Studio ARTISTS.

Click here to read the essay and see the Studio ARTISTS work.  Click here for a link to a good site called Other Academies.

Elizabeth Fortescue, June 19, 2011