Cathy Weiszmann and her small sculptures

This is a picture of Cathy Weiszmann which I took at Kerrie Lowe Gallery in Newtown this month. I met Cathy while doing a story on her for the Daily Telegraph, Sydney. The story appeared in the paper on September 20. Her exhibition is on until October 5.

Actually, if you’re sporty, you’ll probably know Cathy’s work already. Cathy was commissioned to create life-sized sculptures of various sporting greats for the Sydney Cricket Ground, and elsewhere.

In this exhibition, however, we see Cathy’s more personal work. It springs from her observations of real life and of the people around her at Sydney University, where she works in the IT department.

My favourite piece is illustrated on this page. It is an office worker carrying the ubiquitous cardboard take-away coffee tray. The tray is made for four cups, but it carries only three. What has happened to the missing fourth person? Pensioned off? Made redundant? Services no longer required? Died of a heart attack in a lonely flat? We can only guess at the origin of the pathos which infuses this very tender work.

This is an exhibition full of truth and quiet wisdom. I have uploaded some of the images that I took that day.

Elizabeth Fortescue, September 27, 2010

Mortality, a bronze by Cathy Weiszmann

A bronze by Cathy Weiszmann

A bronze by Cathy Weiszmann